Saturday, April 11th –“Tango Seminar"

This progressive series of seminars aims to work both technical and formal aspects of the dance, taking as a main shaft the proprioception, working on it through practice, seeking to build a sensitive and awake body. A conscious presence on the own movement that translates into a full and with no stress embrace.

We will work both individually and in pairs, so it is not necessary (but recommended) assisting partner.

Saturday classes are separated by different topics and walking-ins are welcome in each class, we encourage students to participate in all 3 classes as part of the progressive series. 

 12:45-1:00pm Registrations

Workshop 1: 1pm- 2:30pm 
The Movement-Axis displacement, movement mechanics.

Workshop 2: 2:45-4:15pm  
The Form-Circularity. Spirals and twists

Workshop 3: 4:30-6pm 
The Embrace-Communication. Action, reaction

Cost:  1 class: $25   /   3 classes: $60

Absolute Ballroom 6617 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206