This porteña tango dancer has been connected to the world of dance since her childhood. She discovered tango at the age of 21 though, and, with it, her true passion and vocation. She started studying with different tango teachers in order to find her own style. Amongst them, Chicho Frúmboli and Juana Sepúlveda, Alejandro Larenas and Marisol Morales, Bruno Tombari and Rocío Lequio, Pablo Rodríguez and Corina Herrera, Moria Castellano, Dana Frígoli and Corina de la Rosa stand out.

Thursday, October 25
7:30-8:30pm : Individual Technique $15 
Technique: reviewing the fundamentals of Tango, finding freedom in our own movements and in the Tango embrace. The walk, connection, torsions and pivots. 
Welcome Practica 
8:30-11:00 pm $5
Wightman Community Center (3F) 5604 Solway St 

Saturday, October 27
WS 1:1-2:30pm Tools for improvisation: finding and developing methods for challenging ourselves 
WS 2:2:45pm-4:15pm: I turn, you turn, we turn!: mastering El Giro and finding new options to play with 

Practilonga: 4:15pm-7:15pm $10

Wightman Community Center (3F) 5604 Solway St 

Sunday, October 28
1-2:30pm: The duality of the roles: awakening and potenciating the “leadllowing” and “folleading”

2:45pm-4:15pm: Playing with the rhythm: tuning ourselves! Discovering options in the music and training ourselves to interpret them
Wightman Community Center (3F) 5604 Solway St 

10th Annual Halloween Milonga 
7:00pm-8:00pm: Into Tango Lesson 
8:00pm-11:00pm: Milonga Guest DJ Zhibek (Social dance) 
Wightman Community Center 5604 Solway Street Pittsburgh, PA 15217 
Scary snacks and spooky drinks will be provided. 
Let's have a freaky good time! 
Cost: $15

Workshop/ Seminar Cost: 
1 class…$25
2 classes…$50
3 classes…$70
4 classes…$90

FULL TIME STUDENTS: $15 for workshops
*All milongas and Thursday technique and practica paid separately.

Private Lessons available. Please contact Yulia to schedule the lessons asap via email:
Paypal: Koichiro Suzuki