Gaby Mataloni returns to Pittsburgh! 

This porteña tango dancer has been connected to the world of dance since her childhood. She discovered tango at the age of 21 though, and, with it, her true passion and vocation. She started studying with different tango teachers in order to find her own style. Amongst them, Chicho Frúmboli and Juana Sepúlveda, Alejandro Larenas and Marisol Morales, Bruno Tombari and Rocío Lequio, Pablo Rodríguez and Corina Herrera, Moria Castellano, Dana Frígoli and Corina de la Rosa stand out.

Thursday, May 31st
7:30-8:30pm : Sacadas-technique/ Applied technique: a thousand Sacadas! A way to potenciate your vocabulary
Cost: $15

Welcome Practica
8:30-11:00pm $5
Absolute Ballroom 6617 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Saturday, June 2nd
12:45 Registrations
1-4pm: Solo Tango Technique
We need to be in charge of our bodies and movements to be able to share them with someone else precisely, consciously and enjoying it. Well, we’ll have this full WS to do all that. Let’s take this time to investigate, find, feel, discover and work together on our axis, grounding, balance, hips positioning and the use of them and the feet as motors of our movement. Standing leg, “free” leg, every leg working!

Location: Wightman Community Center: 5604 Solway St., Pittsburgh PA 15217

Sunday, June 3rd
12:45 Registrations
1-4pm: Couples’ Tango Technique
After working on our body consciousness and control, we’ll take the time to investigate when and how to share it, going through:

  • Connection: talking without words, but with what?
  • The embrace: from and for us. How to build a comfortable, healthy and useful encounter with the other one and then staying there
  • A walk in the clouds: walking and walking together. Rhythmical variations, playing with the music
  • Dancing conversation vs. monologue: finding the joy in “leallowing” and “folleading”

Location: Wightman Community Center: 5604 Solway St., Pittsburgh PA 15217

Milonga de Connection
Time: 7:00 pm-11:00pm
Wightman Community Center 5604 Solway Street Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Cover: $10 Simple refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Workshop/ Seminer Cost: 
Two days progressive seminar $100 ($50 Saturday ONLY) 

FULL TIME STUDENTS: $80 for Sat & Sun Seminer

Private Lessons available. Please contact Yulia to schedule the lessons asap via email:
Send Checks Payable to:
Koichiro Suzuki
471 Allenby Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15218