Our Mission is to connect people through the passion of tango. PGH Tango Connection offers group tango classes, private lessons, weekly practices, milongas and other events.

Husband and wife team Koichiro and Yulia have been danc­ing Tango together since January 2008. They were intro­duced while they were both study­ing at Duquesne University. Koichiro and Yulia’s exten­sive back­grounds in music give them a deep under­stand­ing of musi­cal­ity, incor­po­rat­ing this in their dance and bring­ing a pow­er­ful pres­ence to their per­for­mances. Yulia’s pas­sion for tango and her abil­ity to cap­ture the atten­tion of her audi­ence, led by Kiochiro’s expe­ri­enced and yet vividly impro­vi­sa­tional hand, com­bine on stage to poignantly reveal the essence of Tango:  a man and a woman as one, lovers for the length of each dance they perform.

Recently Koichiro and Yulia and their stu­dents trav­eled to Buenos Aires and stud­ied with Nina Tatarowicz, Mariana Dragone, Miguel & Michelle Coppini, Julio Bassan and Ines Muzzoppa. The cou­ple has per­formed at var­i­ous venues, includ­ing Penn State University, Duquesne University, Slippery Rock University and oth­ers. Currently, Koichiro and Yulia teach at the Wightman Community Center in Pittsburgh where they also orga­nize weekly social dances. Their char­ac­ter­is­tic teach­ing styles com­ple­ment each other effec­tively to cover fun­da­men­tal as well as more advanced mate­r­ial thor­oughly in an easy, pro­gres­sive and very approach­able manner.