PGH Tango Labor Day Seminar September 2-3
Alberto Ramos Cordero & Micaela Colleen Barrett 
Kristian Velazquez & Angeles Chanaha

Saturday, September 1st
Welcome Milonga
9pm-1am: Milonga $10 DJ:Chewy
Simple refreshments and snacks will be served.

Sunday, September 2nd
S-1: 1pm-2:30pm: Kristian & Angela
Topic: Enrosques
Join us to study and understand proper timing and execution of this awesome move for leaders and followers!

S-2: 2:30pm-4pm: Alberto & Micaela
Topic: Phrasing: Organizing the Dance
A “chamuyo” style exploration of the five elements every artist should hit to create a successful performance/tanda

Milonga de Connection
7pm-12am: Milonga $15
Simple refreshments and snacks will be served.

Monday, September 3rd
S-3 1pm-2:30pm: Alberto & Micaela
Topic: Off Axis Figures for Close Embrace
Playing with the axis is probably one of the larger dynamic shifts in the tango dancer’s repertoire. This class will help explore some interesting ways to play with the axis and body weight.

S-4 2:30pm-4pm: Kristian & Angela
Topic: Transforming Boleos in Sacadas
In this class we'll be showing how to lead and follow a neat, sharp, good looking Boleo and how to transform that movement into a Sacada

Afternoon Tea Milonga
4pm-7pm $10
Simple refreshments and snacks will be served.

Wightman Community Center (3F) 5604 Solway Street Pittsburgh, PA 15217