Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales 

Marisol MORALES & Alejandro LARENAS’ dancing ranges from pure tradition to mind blowing innovation. Rich in musicality, spotless technique and a very skillful and precise teaching method to explain this popular dance. When it comes about dancing is all about improvisation!
Both of them have started tango in 1998, in 2004 they had cross their path and they became a professional couple.
Since then they have been teaching and performing to renowned places in Buenos Aires such as Club Gricel, La Ideal, Cochabamba 444, La Viruta Tango, Practica X, El Motivo Tango, Viva la Pepa Milonga, at the show “Tango new Generation “held under the CITA International Tango Festival (2006, 2007) and Misterio Tango Festival Argentina (2017).
They have made more than 30 tango tours all around the world to participate in Seminars, Shows and Tango Festivals, including highlights: Montreal Tango Festival (2006 – 2009), The International Festival of Rimini (2009), 13 Hamburg Tango Festival (2010), 14 Anniversary Universo Tango (2011), San Remo Tango Festival (2010), TangOtoño Innsbruck (2010), Tangoconsharm, Egypt (2010), The Smith Tango Festival in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. (2010), International Istanbul Tango Week (2011). Festivalito de primavera, Zurich (2012). Lisbon Tango Festival (2013). Marca de Tango Festival, Treviso.(2013- 2018). Washington Tango Weekend (2014), Toronto Tango Festival (2014-2016), Istanbul Tango Experience (2015), Pisa Tango Festival (2015), Meditango Festival, Roma (2015), Days of tango Festival Saint Petersburg (2015 -2016), Philadelphia Tango Festival (2016), Australian Tango Festival (2017), Kunming Tango Meeting (2017-2018)


 Marcos Pereira & Florencia Borgnia

Second place winners in The Buenos Aires City Tango Championship, 2015.

Finalists World Championship of Tango , Buenos Aires, 2017 and 2018.

Florencia and Marcos formed a partnership in 2013, after more than a 15 years  of individual development and exploration of tango. They studied with the grand masters of argentine tango, achieving a uniquely elegant, refined style of dance, combining elements of traditional tango, with its roots in tango salón, with techniques incorporated through the study of tango escénico, while maintaining the fundamental essence of tango, an intimate connection with the partner through the embrace.

As teachers, they are characterized by their methodical and punctilious technical elements in order to be comfortable, elegant and in constant connection with the partner, always pointing at the importance of both roles in the couple.

Since 2014 Florencia and Marcos have taught at the prestigious Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires, throughout Argentina and around the world. They were members of the Corporación Tangos Alumnos, and they also were regulars in shows at the historic Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires. In 2015 they were invited to join the Espacio Nacional de Tango Argentino, an educational institution that aims to preserve the knowledge and experience of tango as a cultural art form, directed by Silvana Grill. That same year they won second place in the Campeonato de Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, a milestone achievement in their dance career. 

They continue to explore and refine their understanding of dance, seeking to achieve the most accurate transmission of the roots of tango.


Gaby Mataloni

This porteña tango dancer has been connected to the world of dance since her childhood. She discovered tango at the age of 21 though, and, with it, her true passion and vocation. She started studying with different tango teachers in order to find her own style. Amongst them, Chicho Frúmboli and Juana Sepúlveda, Alejandro Larenas and Marisol Morales, Bruno Tombari and Rocío Lequio, Pablo Rodríguez and Corina Herrera, Moria Castellano, Dana Frígoli and Corina de la Rosa stand out.


Edmond Bardhi

Edmond was exposed to a large variety of music from both visiting and local DJs in Ann Arbor. DJing regularly at different events in Ann Arbor has allowed him to develop a rich style full of rhythmical presence and lyrical complexity. Throughout the night, Edmond manages the flow of energy to enhance the dancers' connection by being versatile and attentive. He keeps the crowd energized with playful cortinas and by strategically infusing subtle contrast in his music.


Chris Gebhardt

Chris is a Pittsburgh native who has always loved rhythmically-complex music like jazz and classical. His friends introduced him to Argentine tango in 2011, but it was only a curiosity at first. He spent significant time with the swing and blues idiom dances, but would stop in at a milonga here and there. Tango's sophistication, playfulness, and range of expression kept him fascinated. Chris kept learning through volunteer classes of the Panther Tango Club at his alma mater. Since 2017, he's been studying tango exclusively, with local instructors, Chewy and Yulia. Chris enjoys DJing both traditional and alternative music, borrowing from his appreciation of a wide range of musical styles. An experimenter at heart, he likes to constantly explore new possibilities of mechanics and interpretation.


Muyou Li

Started dancing Tango 2014 in Shanghai. Performed at Shanghai Tango Festival 2014, 2015, 2017. Tango instructor at Penn State University since 2016. Started Tango DJ in State College, PA 2016. Became regular DJ at Tango Bang and Milonga Te Amor in Shanghai 2017.