Koichiro Suzuki started tak­ing Argentine Tango lessons at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he went for his under­grad­u­ate study. Before Mr. Suzuki started to dance, he was always inter­ested in per­for­mance. In 1996–1998, Koichiro marched and per­formed with the world-renowned Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps. After the drum corps, Koichiro decided to pur­sue a degree in Music Performance which cre­ated new ways to express his pas­sion for per­for­mance as a musi­cian and a dancer. His danc­ing skills were greatly enhanced from his deep under­stand­ing of music. He stud­ied dance with Marek Szotkowski, Olivera Grubisha, Julio Bassan, and Ines Muzzoppa, among others.

Mr. Suzuki com­pleted his Master’s Degree in Performance Music at Duquesne University and con­tin­ues per­form­ing with the River City Brass Band—the only active pro­fes­sional brass band in the United States. Suzuki’s dance com­pany, Pittsburgh Tango Connection, which he founded to bring Argentine Tango into promi­nence in Pittsburgh, has steadily grown to become the largest of its kind in the city.


Yulia Zhukoff was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and began her career as a cel­list at the age of six, study­ing at the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music. Over the last 15 years, she has per­formed exten­sively as a soloist, a cham­ber group mem­ber, and an orches­tra mem­ber in Europe and the United States, and has received sev­eral awards and recog­ni­tion as a cel­list on both con­ti­nents. Recently, Yulia grad­u­ated from Duquesne University’s Mary Pappert School of Music with a degree in Music Performance. She has held annual solo cello recitals since 2004 and con­tin­ues her musi­cal career by per­form­ing solo, cham­ber recitals and teach­ing privately.

During her stud­ies at Duquesne, she was intro­duced to Koichiro Suzuki, a grad­u­ate stu­dent and dance instructor/performer in Argentine Tango. She fell in love with the music and char­ac­ter of the dance, and for the past four years has stud­ied and per­formed with Koichiro as his dance part­ner and assis­tant. Yulia also enjoys DJing tra­di­tional and Nuevo Tango music and occa­sion­ally per­forms as a guest artist as a cel­list and a dancer for with Cuidado Tango Band.